At The Beach With Natural Hair

By on October 24, 2015

During these intense winter months, families are seeking warmer climates for vacation, a break from the constant cold. Many women with natural hair might be concerned with their choices of styles when vacationing to hot and humid climates. Once upon a time in the days of relaxers, humidity would ruin hairstyles and knock out curls, turning them flat and limp. A hot and humid day meant a “bad hair day” for sure! Once hair is in it’s natural state, however, humidity turns from foe to friend in keeping hair plump, moisturized and healthy. Just keeping in mind a few tricks and helpful products that will control frizz, can help get us through our tropical vacations looking fierce and fabulous!


Here are a few of those tips:

1.For plump full hair with curls, try a straw roller set. Natural, kinky hair (aka 4a/4b hair types) responds well to these tiny rollers once set properly with setting lotion. Sit under an overhead dryer for crisp curls and pick curls out using your fingers (NEVER use a comb). Coat each curl with your favorite oil (Coconut, Shea Butter, etc.) and protect nightly with a satin cap or pillowcase.

2. Keep an endless supply of scarves, headbands and bobby pins handy. This way, when those crisp curls become a bit ‘frayed’, you can create a new style by pinning each side, or using a scarf as a headband or head wrap.

3. If you decide to roller set hair while vacationing in a tropical area, save your curls by using petroleum based oil. Petroleum is almost impregnable against moisture. It should be used only to keep your curls protected against moisture. NEVER use petroleum on your scalp and try to use only on those special days where protecting curls or waves is an absolute necessity.

4) Make sure to always pre-treat hair strands with a product that will keep your curls set. Setting Lotions, Mousses and Gels will make sure your style (whether a 2-strand twist, bantu knots or roller sets) stay crisp and shiny.

Be sure to practice these tips BEFORE you leave so as to know which styles work best for your hair texture.


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