Benefits of using Shea Butter

By on October 24, 2015

For those of you who are not too familiar with Shea Butter, it is fat extracted from the nut of a shea tree. The tree, which can only be found in Africa produces a natural product used for varies reasons on skin and hair. It is used to prevent dryness and stretch marks amongst many things, as well as for cooking purposes in some African countries.

Shea butter has gained much popularity within the natural community due to its evident result on both skin and hair. Often used as a moisturizer, it is known for softening black hair as well as soothing out dry scalp.

Due to its texture, black hair tends to be very dry unlike many other hair types. In attempt to condition the hair, without drowning it in heavy chemicals, many women turns to Shea butter to provide them with healthy fats, which their hair will benefit from.

There are two different types of shea butter available to the public, refined and unrefined. Refined shea butter is processed and contains chemicals, and while it is refined to eliminate the odors, the refining process reduces vitamins and minerals.

Unrefined shea butter is full of natural minerals that benefits skin and hair, however comes with a somewhat smoky odor that can be strong at times.

As with everything else in life, different products work differently for different people. While there are people who swear by it, others have been left disappointed by the use of Shea butter. Personally, I love it! I have been using shea butter for the past four years and continues to use it on my skin and hair. As I have naturally dry skin, it helps me to keep my skin moisturized at all times, while giving my skin a glow that I love. It has also transformed my hair and made it softer and ultimately easier to manage.


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