Hair, Beauty and Personal Care Expo – Nairobi

By on April 9, 2016

Exhibition-CentreThe Hair, Beauty and Personal Care Expo is the event that for the African man and woman who care about how they look and feel. It’s also for the individual who wants to know what is available in the industry and most of all, to learn from the leading industry professionals who tackle both the soft and difficult issues on hair and beauty via interactive forums. Today’s consumer is confronted with the challenge of not being able to recognize harmful products and is never sure they are purchasing the correct product as a solution to their needs.  The market is also filled with body enhancing pills and other chemical products that are consumed with little understanding of the effects and long term complications of use. The event will also host interactive forums to feature leading professionals who demystify and empower consumers.

The event recognises the growth of the beauty industry in Africa and seeks to showcase upcoming professionals through exciting competitions that bring out the best of creativity. These competitions are a great launch-pad to boost upcoming professionals and budding salons.

The event also gives opportunity to visitors to learn about new products and stock up on what one may need from the various product categories: Hair care, Skin care, Make-up, Nail polish and more as both leading and upcoming brands participate. Naturals are not left out either; it’s their opportunity to not only know about the natural products available locally but to also understand the process of transitioning and staying a natural! So if you have questions such as “Can I manage natural hair or shall I just keep the chemical?” “What is my skin profile?” “Is it better to eat fruits or apply them directly on my skin?”

The Battle of the Barbers

Hair-being-done-at-the-Black-ChicBecause we believe today’s man cares about his appearance, we want to give Barbers an opportunity to make men look good. A select number of upcoming barbers will participate in this competition for a chance to get their work displayed and to be crowned the Barber of the moment. Creativity, speed, process amongst others will ultimately put you in the Barbers Hall of Fame as judges will use different criteria to choose the winners of this competition. Do you want to be a part of this competition? Like our Facebook page for updates on how you can participate.

Understanding Your Skin

This is a session featuring a Dermatolgist, Plastic Surgeon and other skin care specialists who address modern-day skin care challenges and advice women on what they need to know in order to get the type of skin they want. Several issues are dealt with such as how to profile your skin and the best care that should be given to the different skin types. skincare-africaWe also discuss issues to do with damaged skin and the help available. There are many who struggle with skin problems such as acne, blotches, black heads and other related challenges and have tried several things that do not work. There are also those who wonder what products they should buy for their skins and how best to test products before application or whether sun screen must be applied – and the pH to buy. All these issues and more are addressed. Lastly we take you through a DIY practical day-to-day skin care regime that any woman can carry out in the comfort of her home.

The Hair Clinic

Make-Up-by-Rose-lady-gets-make-up-doneFully dedicated to all hair issues, concerns and problems – whether natural hair, processed or synthetic hair. If you have ever struggled with hair loss, a receding hair line, thinning hair or even struggled to grow your hair, this is the perfect session to attend and learn what you could do. Hair scalp problems including dandruffs and itchy scalps are also discussed with possible remedies shared. There are those of us who love hair additions – and there are a lot of rumors about hair additions being made from weird sources…in this segment, we get to unravel the truth, we get help and we get to interact and mingle with the best hair care professionals in the Industry.

Style with Natural Hair

Style-With-Natural-hairLed by a team of Naturals, this is a great segment to learn, engage and share! A lot of women have adopted natural hair for many reasons amongst them convenience, reduction of costs and just a desire to reduce their contact with chemicals for their general well-being. Some on the other hand are still in the transition to Natural hair and need some form of reassurance on the process and how best to cope with the new style. This session allows naturals to learn from each other and understand the best ways of taking care of their hair. It is also a great forum to learn about products that work and ways to rock natural hair! There are those who wear dreadlocks or different types of protective styles and this session addresses that too.



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