How To Sleep With Natural Hair

By on October 24, 2015

Natural hair can be a challenge to maintain. Questions ranging from how to style it to which products will keep hair healthy and moisturized are constantly asked. Once you have found the perfect hair regimen and style…the next question arises…how do I sleep at night without ruining my hairstyle or drying it out? Many women use satin bonnets or scarves, however, the common complaint with these methods is they tend to fall off during a good nights sleep. How can we protect our hair throughout the night, without worrying about scarves and bonnets falling off? The answer is simple: wrap a satin scarf around your pillow. This will give your natural hair the added protection, especially if your regular bonnets or scarves slip off during the night. Here are some of the benefits of this proven method:

1. Sometimes having your hair covered through the night can smash or even ruin a good roller-set. Wrapping a scarf around your pillow allows curls or waves to slide around the pillow while keeping their shape.
2. You might be around others where wrapping your hair in a scarf or bonnet may seem out of place. Wrapping a scarf around your pillow is a more discreet way of hair protection.
3. If you stock up on many scarves, making sure you are sleeping on a clean pillow is easier than ever. Just remove scarf and throw into the washing machine.
4. Wrapping a pillow with a scarf is a more portable option. It can be used in various settings such as couch pillows, chair pillows, etc. This allows for more protection throughout the day, letting hair grow uninterrupted.
5. Buying several scarves is less expensive than investing in satin pillowcases that can be difficult to find.

If you’ve been having problems keeping that pesky scarf or bonnet on, try this method and rest easier knowing your style will be protected throughout the night! Sweet dreams ladies!


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