How to choose the right makeup and cosmetics

By on October 24, 2015

Makeup and cosmetics exist for multiple reasons, to cover, enhance, brighten, conceal, and numerous combinations of all the above. With makeup such as foundation, it is vital you are using the best possible shade for you. What some tend to forget is that makeup and cosmetics  also exist as a fun way to experiment and celebrate your look, mood, and style.

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Make sure the foundation matches your face as well as your neck to evade the “mask” look

Eye shadow allows opportunities for experimenting, as there are several shades that can complement you. The easiest way to select the perfect foundation is simply to try it on. At department and beauty stores, selecting a couple shades in your range and applying them to your face is the best way to get your perfect shade. Make sure the foundation matches your face as well as your neck to evade the “mask” look (when the skin tone on one’s face noticeably differs from that of their neck, suggesting the appearance of a wearing a mask). Thwarting this dreaded mismatched look is easy with this simple strategy.

African Beauty: Makeup and Cosmetics

When testing out the makeup, do not apply it to your cheeks or forehead, but swipe it along your jaw line so it’s easier to tell if the shade blends successfully between your face and neck. Be certain to look at the shades you sampled in natural light, so head over to a window to be confident you are making the best possible match. It gets a little trickier selecting foundation outside of a beauty or department store, but once you find your shade it pays off (literally) because the prices are significantly less and purchasing makeup will be more convenient if you’re ever in a pinch.

Identifying your skin type is vital for choosing makeup and cosmetics outside of a beauty or department store. Typically, the categories include something like light/ivory, medium/olive, and dark, with several subcategories within them. In order to avoid too much of the trial and error process, keep your hair and eye colour in mind, as well as your complexion. When finding the correct foundation or concealer there is no gray area, either you have a shade that works for you or you don’t. However, when it comes to choosing makeup beyond foundation such as eye shadow, you have a little more wiggle room. Considering what clothing colours look best on you is one of the most efficient ways to selecting a great shade for you. Another thing to keep in mind is asking yourself what type of jewellery looks best on you, gold or silver. Playing off the color of your eyes is crucial. Every eye color is a little different so find what works best for you to make your eyes pop. The main thing to keep in mind with eye shadow is; do not be afraid to experiment! Makeup should be enjoyable, so be a little fearless and switch up your “go-to” look every once in awhile to keep things fun and interesting.


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