Makeup For Different Occasions

By on October 24, 2015


Makeup is the ultimate way to complete any look no matter the occasion. Thanks to makeup women (and men) around the world have the freedom to express themselves creatively however between an interview and a wedding reception, your makeup routine should not look identical.

One should always have her go to “basic makeup” look; this look includes the essential makeup you wear every day. If you have five minutes to put some makeup on, what are your staples? For some, their basic makeup look includes foundation, mascara, and bronzer, but it is different for everyone. For me, if I do not feel like wearing a full face of makeup I always go with a little concealer and some eyebrow gel. Your basic makeup look is the starting point you can use to build on for all sorts of occasions. The key to having the right makeup for any event is to feel comfortable and to remember less is always more. Regardless of the occasion, unless you are a Broadway performer, or a Vegas showgirl, you hardly need to put on a little bit of everything.

For interviews and daytime jobs, do not go dark! If you have not thought of brown mascara before, it is a great option for a lighter eye. Especially during interviews, it is important to show a potential employer a polished, professional, and natural you. Keep it simple; an interview is not the time to experiment with new tricks you found on the Internet. When interviewing for office jobs, air on the side of caution and skip the eye shadow and heavy eyeliner. That said it is always best to be yourself. Find a balance, but never feel obligated to hide your genuine self!
For cheerful events such as baby showers, bridal showers, and daytime weddings, a light look is essential. These events are not the time for trying out a smoky eye. The appropriate makeup for these events would include your basic makeup; add some blush, a little highlighter around your eyes, and a light lip. For nighttime wedding receptions, feel free to transition your ceremony look into a party look with some added drama. To achieve a formal party look, apply eyeliner or go all the way for that smoky eye.

It’s the weekend! You are free from work, classes, and makeup manners. Go wild and try new things! Going out with friends is the perfect time to master your wing tip eyeliner techniques or to rock that black lipstick. Wearing makeup is a fun way to be creative and experiment with your look. The most important thing to remember when wearing makeup is that you have the freedom to express yourself, so have fun!


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