Personal grooming gadgets register high demand in African markets

By on March 28, 2017

There’s a reason why the African beauty industry is worth billions of dollars. Africa has seen a tremendous rise in demand for beauty gadgets and personal grooming products in recent years. To please the African consumers, manufacturers have also introduced new gadgets with various styles and colours to impress the African users. Many new personal grooming gadgets being introduced in the African market work without electricity, many are battery-operated and some come with self-rechargeable powerful mechanisms that can run upto 30-60 minutes or days without charging.

Personal grooming gadgetsDemand for beauty gadgets and personal grooming products like Hair dryers, Irons, Trimmers, Grooming kits have seen a steady growth in many African countries as more and more people in Africa now have disposable incomes that they are willing to spend on personal grooming products.

The demand patterns in amongst African consumers is also undergoing drastic changes. Earlier it was the well-established brand names that were most sought after. However, new brands with gadgets that offer newer and user-friendly features are now being accepted more readily by the African consumers.

Enlightened beauty shoppers in Africa now want more than a wider variety of trendy gadgets, and they’re certainly looking for more than a traditional celebrity endorsement. They’re also craving for compact gadgets and convenient packaging to speed up their morning routines like shaving and trimming.

Beauty gadgetsAs a result, many celebrity hairdressers and beauticians in Africa, who have hands-on knowledge of consumer needs, are launching their own products to meet the rising demand for beauty gadgets in Africa.

The market in Africa is today flooded with a wide variety of beauty products – there are the international brands, then there are private label brands, not to forget the brands manufactured in Africa.

A recent study showed that a sudden rise in male customers purchasing trimmers and shavers from various e-stores in Africa has provided unprecedented growth to this sector .


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