Rising popularity of faux locs

By on October 24, 2015

As the natural hair community continues to grow, naturals from around the world continue to experiment with different protective styles. Though braids have long been a favorite amongst many women, faux locs has gained much popularity in recent months.

The rise of faux locs started last fall as women were spotted wearing what is also known as fake dreadlocks all over the Internet. The Bob Marley influenced protective style that is achieved by including temporary hair extensions is also used to grow ones own locs. Though some call it cheating when doing so, the fairly low maintenance hairstyle gives women (and men) a chance to rock the hairstyle without having to actual grow the hair.

While the style has been a favorite amongst naturals for some time, celebrities such as Ciara and Zendaya brought it up a level after wearing the styles at different events.


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