Top 10: Beauty Tips

By on October 24, 2015


1. Change the part in your hair every so often. Not only is this an effortless way to experiment with different styles, it actually prevents hair loss caused as a result of repeatedly pulling hair (from brushing it, tight ponytails, etc.) at the same part. Another bonus, switching up your part will also add volume and body to your hairstyle. Are your roots looking dark between coloring appointments? For a fast fix, zigzag your parts for a fun way to hide those pesky roots until your next appointment.

2. When it comes to washing your hair, only shampoo the roots of your hair and concentrate the conditioner at the ends of your hair. After conditioning, rinse your hair with cold water to give it shine and to lock in moisture.

3. During the winter months, moisturize your skin regularly and even add some moisturizer to your foundation before applying it to your face. Also, do not just save the SPF for summer, wear at least SPF 15 every day whether rain or shine.

4. Avoid over plucking your eyebrows, as this could result in long lasting damage. Do not be afraid to let your natural brows grow back a little. Full brows are beautiful! Eyebrow brushes and eyebrow gel are amazing little tools people tend to overlook. Using these tools is a great way to make your eyes look bigger and more awake.

5. Regularly cleaning your makeup brushes is crucial for the best possible makeup application. Cleansing your brushes also cuts down on any bacterial growth. Shampooing your brushes weekly not only cleans them but also actually increases the life of your tools. Also be sure to toss old makeup as it, too, is a breeding ground for bacteria.

6. Wearing a dramatic shade of lipstick is a fast way to perk up any look. Quick–you have only five minutes to get ready, what do you do? Spend four minutes selecting and putting on an outfit and one minute to swipe on a bold lip. Dramatic lipstick offers you a break from eye makeup because everyone’s focus will be on your lips. Play around with colors you have always wanted to try and be brave!

7. Desire brighter eyes? Apply concealer under your eyes with your ring finger in a dabbing motion in order to cover up any dark eye circles. Next, simply sweep some highlighter under the arch of your brows and into the corner of eyes by your tear duct, this technique works seamlessly to catch and reflect light. Also, making sure you are getting enough sleep definitely does the body well!

8. Make your toothpaste do double duty. Put a bit of toothpaste directly onto a pimple and leave it overnight. The toothpaste works as a spot treatment and will dry the pimple out by morning. When you wake up wash the toothpaste off with warm water and the spot will be gone or at least significantly less noticeable.

9. For fuller lashes, heat up your lash curler with your hair dryer. Then curl your eyelashes, apply mascara, and curl them again afterward for the ultimate long lashes.

10. Most importantly, the greatest source of beauty comes from within. Confidence looks good on everyone. The fastest way to gain confidence is to smile and just fake it ‘til you make it!


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