Winter Hair Protective Styles

By on October 24, 2015

Winter can be a rough time for skin and hair. As the weather gets colder we tend to drink less water and drink more caffeine by way of coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

While these drinks provide warmth and comfort, they can have a drying effect on the hair. Combining this with dry air from indoor heating and the results can lead to hard to manage, dehydrated hair. How do we combat all of these attacks on our hair while still looking fabulous during the winter months? The answer is simple. Protective Styles. These are accomplished by up-dos, two–strand twists, braid-outs and, my personal favorite, roller-sets. These styles require the least amount of maintenance and can keep hair looking fresh and moisturized, while protecting it from the harsh winter months.

Two-Strand Twists/Braid Outs
These styles are extremely popular among naturals and for good reason. They are low manipulation styles that evolve nicely into different looks with daily wear. To achieve this style: Part hair into desired sections (for looser waves use thicker sections) and braid or two-strand twist (one less motion than braiding) while hair is wet or dry. Unravel after several hours and maintain daily with a spritz of water, followed by sealing in moisture with a natural oil (i.e. Coconut, Almond, Shea butter)

These styles are a bit more versatile since rollers come in several different sizes. Use a setting lotion and either sit under the dryer (for sleeker curls) or air dry. When removing rollers, use only your hands to pick out curls, and finish the set with an oil to seal in moisture. This style can be maintained daily with very low hair manipulation while hair continues looking great.

Up-dos and Buns
To achieve these styles all that is needed are lots of hairpins, a little bit of creativity and a few flicks of the wrist. Roller-sets, two-strand twists and braid outs all can be combined with the up-do by pinning up the nape of the hair or the sides, while leaving a portion out. Be sure to invest in a hand held mirror to see the back of the hair and both sides.

When you have some free time, play around with these different looks and see which ones work best with the shape of your face and match your own personal style. Above all, have fun, keep warm, be fabulous and stay natural!


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